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Tuesday, March 31

Serpentine Path: Part 1b – The Hand of Fate

Kham dreaded attending the Grand Church, but he knew it fell to him to perform the ritual for his cousin and, by proxy, make up for his absence at his father’s ceremony. Kham held the incinerated remains of Pallas high above his head. Mourners he had hired surrounded him.

Kham chanted the Altharu Akbar:

Praise be to Althares, Lord of the Universe,
the Mercygiving, the Merciful!
Ruler on the Day for Repayment!
You we worship and You we call on for help.
Guide us along the Straight Road,
the road of those whom You have favored,
with whom You are not angry,
nor who are lost!

He concluded the prayer in Altherian with “Assalamu alaikum.” It translated to, “peace be with you.”

The funeral procession traveled slowly from the Grand Church to the gravesite, in a horse-drawn hearse. Kham walked beside it in silence. [MORE]


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