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Sunday, March 29

Serpentine Path: Prologue

Kham stood before in a reception room, created specifically to impress visitors. It was in the typical Coryani style, with lounges and low tables, cushions and tapestries. He hated it.

Luca Gracchi reclined on a divan, watching Kham with partially lidded eyes. She was still attractive despite her years. Her arched eyebrows were carefully plucked, her eyelids exquisitely painted, her curly wig the brightest red. Luca’s erotic skills were legendary, and her age was seen as little hindrance to a woman so schooled in such arts. Her political influence was due largely in part to her bedroom prowess.

She was also Kham’s mother.

“It’s nice of you to visit,” she sneered at him. [MORE]


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