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Monday, March 23

Sibling Rivalry: Part 14 – Double Whammy

Ilmarė padded ahead, listening every so often. The floor was covered in snow, but she seemed completely oblivious to its effects.

“It’s clear,” she whispered.

Vlad started walking forward when something cracked beneath him. For a second he and Quintus stared down at the floor.

Then it gave way. With a yelp, they collapsed into a pile of white snow.

Sebastian peered down into the shaft. “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” shouted Vlad. “The snow broke our fall.”

“Broke YOUR fall,” came the muffled response from Quintus, buried beneath Vlad.

Beldin threw down a rope.

Ilmarė sniffed. “It must have a weight limit.” Then she cocked her head. “What’s that sound?”

Sebastian looked around. “What?”

“I hear…hissing. As if something is burning.”

They both smelled it. A coppery taste filled the air.

Above the pit, a red circle was slowly glowing brighter and brighter amongst the stalactites.

“Pull faster!” shouted Quintus. [MORE]


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