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Tuesday, March 24

Sibling Rivalry: Part 15 – The Tomb of the Frozen Gods

The sound of ice being struck and chipped echoed just above that of falling water in the distance. A sudden crack of a whip punctuated the intensity of the incessant groans and whimpers indicative of those forced into labor.

There were a dozen pale white goblins being forced to chip into the northern ice wall by a strange-looking beast. It had a long nose like a troll, but that was where the similarities ended. It was over seven feet tall, almost as wide, and had a stony gray carapace that covered its shoulders, back, outside of its arms and legs, its chest, and the back and top of its head. Its hands ended in four thick talons, also covered in the same hard carapace. Its broad face was slashed open by its toothy maw with a large nose topped by two piercing orbs, denoting a cunning mind and completing its menacing countenance. It was dressed in leather boots and a gold and mauve tabard cinched at its thick waist by a broad metallic belt.

“Singarthan trolls,” whispered Ilmarė. “I’ve never seen one before.”

Inside the far wall were scores of skeletal remains dressed in the armored regalia of legionnaires of the First Imperium.

“The artifacts!” shouted Quintus, betraying their position. [MORE]


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