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Wednesday, March 25

Sibling Rivalry: Part 16 – Singarthan Outpost

Ilmarė hopped down from the cavern ceiling. She nodded at Quintus. “It’s ready.”

Vlad and Beldin took up a position in front of the tunnel. Beldin held only his axe Windcutter in both hands, glowing with magical a force field that illuminated him. He almost looked like a celestial giant of old…only smaller. Sebastian stood behind them.

“Ready?” asked Quintus. He sat behind Sebastian on the cold ice floor.

“Ready,” they said in unison.

“Ilmarė, go.”

Ilmarė took a deep breath and sang. She sang one long, pure note and held it. It reverberated throughout the chamber.

A few seconds later, the shadows of the Singarthans were visible in the tunnel. Hear song was audible even through the roaring of the waterfall.

The first troll rounded the corner. Ilmarė raised her voice to a higher pitch. The huge weakened stalactite above the troll cracked from the note.

The Singarthan looked up just in time to be skewered by the stalactite. It was buried under the rubble.

“Got it!” cheered Vlad. “That’ll teach—“

His celebration was cut short by a massive sharpened spike that pierced his shoulder, pinning Vlad to the wall ten feet behind him. He gasped in pain. [MORE]


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