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Thursday, March 26

Sibling Rivalry: Part 17 – A Family Rediscovered

“That is because I am not from Grand Coryan at all. I lied to you, ashamed of my heritage. I am a descendant of the val’Emman as are probably many who now call themselves val’Virdan.”

Quintus triumphantly threw open the lid. Instantly, a crystal jewel the size of a human fist floated up out of the chest, sparkling with a warm ruddy glow from within.

“And now, with this, the Mentagi, the legacy of the val’Emman family can be rediscovered and their descendants may take their rightful name once again!”

Quintus grasped the Mentagi crystal. A brilliant white light spread from his hands to his arms, and then engulfed his entire body. He floated up in the air. The divine energy was so bright that they all covered their eyes. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:29 AM

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