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Wednesday, March 11

Sibling Rivalry: Part 2 – The Altar of Suffering

They were led by the legionnaire into another dimly lit chamber. Central to it was a large marble statue of a woman in obvious agony, enwrapped by twin thorned vines that dug into her flesh. Her face looked upward to the heavens as if in supplication and her mouth was open in a silent scream.

Arrayed about the statue was a small group of kneeling pilgrims. A priest intoned a prayer and the faithful about the statue whipped their backs in time to the cadence of his song. The legionnaire motioned for the priest to come over. Another priest slid into his place and the ritual continued without skipping a beat.

“Are you Torric?” asked Sebastian.

“I am.” He was obviously a half-orc.

“Have you been to Quintus Aurelius Ignatius’ campsite recently?

“I have. I was there a few weeks ago. The campsite is a day and a half’s travel from the Shrine on foot. Do you require an escort?”

“That would be wonderful, are you available?”

“I am. Unfortunately, this will have to wait until morning as the bizarre weather of the Blessed Lands has struck and the Red Snow, has been raging outside since sunset. These storms usually only last through the night; we should be able to head out in the morning.”

Beldin sighed. “Then I guess we’re stuck here.” [MORE]


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