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Thursday, March 12

Sibling Rivalry: Part 3 – The Dining Area

The large room was half-filled with members of the faithful eating a frugal meal. On the far side of the chamber area were a few Ansharans tending a large simmering pot from which porridge was served to a line of waiting pilgrims.

Beldin licked his lips. “Good, food. I’m hungry.”

The room was subdued, with only minimal conversation and the clatter of wooden spoons scraping against bowls to accompany the muttered moans of pain coming from the next room.

Beldin got in line to partake of the evening meal. When it was his turn, he discovered it was watered down gruel.

They sat at the table while they consumed the soup.

“This is disgusting.” Vlad made a face.

Sebastian slurped his gruel. “While it may appear unappealing and tasteless, it’s quite nutritious.”

Vlad looked around in search of a better meal. He stared over Beldin’s shoulder. “Ilmarė?” [MORE]


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