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Monday, March 9

Sibling Rivalry: Prologue

Not long after Paolo Tuminardo left, the door swung open and a figure in a very heavy cloak and hood entered. Small amounts of snow fell from his shoulders as he pulled back his hood.

The face revealed that of a young man, with a thick tangle of black hair and a ready smile that seemed out of place among the dour and no-nonsense people of the Widow’s Stone. Scanning the room, his eyes fall upon Vlad. His infectious smile became even broader.


Vlad stood up. “Decimus?”

Decimus walked over to their table.

“Greetings, my friends. For those who do not know of me, I am Decimus -- a humble facilitator. I’m sorry to meet you under such mysterious circumstances, but it would not be seemly to make such my patron travel to meet us.”

Sebastian and Beldin met Decimus with a quizzical look.

“Meet us about what, Decimus?” asked Vlad. “Last we met, you were trading in a contract for your freedom.” [MORE]


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