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Saturday, April 25

Angular Gods: Part 2 – Hanging Around

Hammer and Guppy came upon a swinging body, hung from the stairs. It was Morrow.

He was naked, with a full beard and shoulder length hair, both gray. His long fingernails hadn’t been cut in weeks.

“We found this note taped to his chest.” Jim-Bean handed Hammer a note. “It’s addressed to somebody named Melissa.”

“The answer might be in the wall safe we found in his bedroom.” Archive came out of Morrow’s bedroom. “But we can’t open it.”

Hammer nodded at Guppy.

“On it!” chirped Guppy. He disappeared into the bedroom.

Hammer scanned the note. “Blackened cities, twisted shells of buildings. Tortured souls penned for the spheres to feed on from between the planes. What does: Chu htn llo han zob kzad mean?”

“That’s a Tindalosian chant!” began Archive but it was too late. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:33 AM

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