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Monday, April 27

Angular Gods: Part 4 – Family Matters

Several men dressed in white outfits crept up to the door.

White Shadows. Hammer knew them well.

“Tcho-tchos,” snarled Hammer. “I hate Tcho-tchos.”

He hid around the corner and waited. He had to draw them in first.

A wiry little man wearing dark sunglasses and a business suit stood in the doorway. He barked some commands in Vietnamese and the White Shadows spread out.

Hammer leapt out from his hiding place and, with both Glocks blazing, unleashed the entire clips in a spray at the front door.

The leader held up one hand and some of the bullets ricocheted off of his palm, peppering his nearby companions. They went down, twitching.

But Hammer kept firing. The onslaught was too much even for tcho-tcho magic. The Vietnamese man fell, gurgling from a bullet that pierced his defenses and struck him in the throat. The other White Shadows fled.

The other agents came downstairs.

Jim-Bean stared in wonder at the carnage of tcho-tcho corpses. “Jesus, Hammer, have a bad day?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:44 AM

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