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Wednesday, April 29

Angular Gods: Part 6 – Fractal Gods

The real heart of CCS was in the basement. Every door was protected by a series of computer locks and the only means of bypassing them was via a set of security cards. Fortunately, Morrow had access.

They passed a sign beyond a pair of steel doors that read: “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT.” After passing through a long tunnel, they entered the testing labs.

The testing labs could only be seen as darkness through the window, lit by the occasional flash of reddish light, flaring and dying away. There were definitely larger machines in the lab, but it was difficult to make out what they were. They appeared to be hulking metallic shapes in the darkness, and the flares of light revealed coils of heavy, twisted cables strewn over the floor.

Guppy slid Morrow’s card along the reader and the door to the lab hissed open.

The room itself was dimly lit. The machines had become warped and pitted, as if they suffered severe metal fatigue. Odd smells drifted through the air, and occasionally mist rolled over the cables.

“These are all PlayPals,” said Guppy, inspecting the machines.

“So they’re using the computing power to control the Hounds of Tindalos,” said Archive.

Just then a tall, skull-faced man with receding white hair and yellow teeth entered on the other side of the corridor, eyes blazing. He was dressed in a conservative, dark suit cut in an old style. Four security guards stood behind him with automatic weapons.

“That must be Morton,” said Jim-Bean. [MORE]


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