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Friday, April 3

Dreams Dark and Deadly: Part 2 – From Bad to Worse

After two days of Rachel's new diet, Guppy began to see things differently. The skyline often looked distorted, as if the skyscrapers were made of towering columns of bones. The beings that watched him in a crowd look like strange toad-like beings. The images of the dead were almost always flashing out of the corner of his vision.

On television, Guppy heard messages directed to him: “Obey, zzzerve, and you zzzhall die quickly; rezzzizzztance zhall be met with unending agonizing torture.”

The TV anchor people were cadavers, their flesh melting off their bones; however, they still gave out the news in raspy whispering voices…” Guppy stopped watching television after that.

He got an early morning phone call from Rachel to meet at a busy nightspot, Club Apocalypse. They used to go on dates there, many years ago.

“Come alone,” said Rachel, whispering over the phone. “You can’t trust your teammates. Hammer is not on your side. He’d sooner eat your brain than smile at you.”

As Guppy traveled, many people were going about their business, oblivious to what seems to be around them. Although some buildings seemed normal, others clearly were not.

The alleys were strewn with human bones and decaying corpses. Many structures on the street were built out of bone and human skin. There were large pits off the sides of the street from which he could hear wailing. Many other buildings seemed to have fallen into ruin. The sky was a dark, turbulent smoke color.

Was this the future? Or was it the present, cloaked by an illusion? [MORE]


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