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Saturday, April 11

Dreams: Part 10 – Mr. Sandman

The first night spent at Dinosaur Lodge was Guppy's acclimation night. No real study or observation was attempted. The idea was that the patient should relax, become used to his surroundings, and be able to have a normal night's sleep the following night.

Jim-Bean stood outside of Guppy's room, yawning. It was going to be a long night.

His date with Angela had gone well, but not so well that Jim-Bean was at her place rather than standing in a cold hallway. As long as things kept going the way they were going, Jim-Bean hoped he would have an excuse to change shifts with Caprice.

Bored, Jim-Bean pulled out a file from the wall bin near Guppy's room and read it.

Guppy's blood work was totally normal. An EEG showed an epileptic wave of force during the times Guppy claimed he experienced a vision. A CT scan indicated an increased ventricular size in the brain, which was an associated finding with schizophrenia. A positron emission tomography (PET) scan measured and map out metabolism and chemical distribution in the brain. Guppy's CAT scan on indicated cortical hyprofrontality and high activity in the left temporal lobe. Both were associated findings in people with schizophrenic illness. Neuropsychological tests (including the Thematic Appreciation Test and Rorschach test) turned up bizarre responses.

In short, as much as Jim-Bean wanted to believe Guppy, he was starting to think Dr. Ivanovna was right. But after what they had all experienced, after what Jim-Bean actually WAS – who was he to say what was real or unreal? [MORE]


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