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Tuesday, April 14

Dreams: Part 13 – Capricious Dreams

The lights flickered. When Sam turned the corner, Caprice was ready.

“Dr. Perov,” called Caprice over the comm. “Brendel’s sleepwalking again.”

Static. He wasn’t getting any reception. Great.

Caprice was curious. What did Brendel want with Guppy? He decided to find out.

Brendel made his way over the door. He tried the lock. It didn’t open.

WHAM! He slammed his shoulder into it. WHAM!

Another slam and the door splintered off its hinges. The strength Brendel had was incredible.

Guppy was awake, sitting bolt upright in bed, staring at Brendel fearfully. “What is—“

That was all he got out. Brendel closed the distance between them and, grabbing Guppy by his hospital gown, hurled him into the wall.

Caprice drew his pistol. “Okay, that’s enough of---“

Brendel slammed into him, grabbing for his pistol.

“Backup!” shouted Caprice into his headset. “I need backup!” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:52 AM

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