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Thursday, April 16

Dreams: Part 15 – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Caprice used his cistron to hack the elevator call plate. It dinged and opened for him. He took it down to the basement.

He faced an entrance with a keypad. He could see a computer room beyond an antechamber blocked by sliding glass doors.

On the floor before the doors was a black pad. Caprice recognized the room: it was a sterilization chamber. The tacky pad used a harmless electric current to remove dust particles from the clothing of anyone entering the sterile room.

Caprice hooked up his cistron to the keypad and went to work. A minute later the doors whisked open.

“Easy as pie,” said Caprice. He stepped onto the pad…

Electricity tore through his body, jolting him spastically. His only saving grace was that he had already opened the doors. He was blasted into the sterilization chamber.

His body smoking, Caprice tried to clear his head. He looked over his shoulder just as the doors whisked closed. A red klaxon whirled above him.

A sign flashed over and over: STERILIZATION IN PROGRESS.

Caprice shook his head. The tacky pad was supposed to be harmless too. He caught a glimpse of a security camera in one corner of the room focusing on him. The Datamaster was defending itself. [MORE]


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