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Sunday, April 19

Dreams: Part 18 – The Truth Shall Set You Free

Archive, Jim-Bean, and Hammer sat up.

“Uh, if this is a memory, what are we doing here?” asked Jim-Bean.

“I don’t know,” said Hammer. “But I don’t remember this.”

“Me neither,” said Archive.

“I was in a boarding school for the psychically gifted in Britain.” Jim-Bean looked down at his hands. “Wasn’t I?”

Guppy was staring at Rachel. It was Rachel as he remembered her, before she cut her hair, still in the flower of youth. Gone were the lines of worry and sadness. She still had some weight on her, before her drug addiction turned her into a scarecrow.

The eye flicked open. “Hank,” her voice echoed in Guppy’s mind. “Hank, all I want to do is tell you the truth. That’s all I’ve been doing this whole time.”

“Rachel…” said Guppy. “Rachel, it’s all a lie. All this time you were dead. And I killed you.”

Rachel was fully awake now. She shook her head, still speaking to him from the nutrient bath. “No. No, the real Rachel was already dead. Freddy’s men killed her. She was trying to have you committed. She didn’t believe you. I took this form so you would listen…”

“To what?” Guppy looked around. “So much suffering, for what?”

“I am showing the others the realms beyond the first twenty five dimensions. You are my Chosen, you will serve me as my priest.”

Guppy shook his head violently. “No. No!”

Rachel’s gaze turned murderous. “I have given you a blessing, and yet you would still refuse me?”

Guppy pointed at Rachel. “I want you out of my head. Now.”

“Fool,” snarled Rachel, her form twisting and morphing. “You are in MY HEAD.” [MORE]


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