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Monday, April 20

Dreams: Part 19 – Execution Scenario 2

“It’s time,” said the warden, accompanied by three corrections officers.

Hammer was too disoriented to stand up. Where the hell was he?

The officers helped Hammer to his feet and he began walking to the death chamber.

It was a small gray room with cinder-block walls and a large wooden chair in the center of the room. One wall featured a large plate-glass window, and Hammer could see three rows of folding chairs behind it, where some men and women in suits were scribbling notes or just watching.

Hammer was placed in the chair and his forearms, ankles, waist, chest, and head were tightly secured. A well-worn leather mask was placed over his face, leaving only his nose exposed. Then two electrodes were placed upon his body. The first was attached to a metal receptacle that was encased in a leather shell and rested on top of his head. The second was attached to his hairless right calf.

A sponge was dipped in water and placed on top of Hammer’s head, underneath the leather cap. He was now alone in the room; the guards and executioner had left. It was eerily quiet.

This was a dream. It was just a dream. He was in his own nightmare.

No, he was remembering. That’s right, he was remembering his stress test! This was OUTLOOK. This was his initiation. This was the Datamaster digging into its files and forcing Hammer to relive his worst nightmare.

It isn’t real. IT ISN’T REAL. IT! IS! NOT— [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:30 AM

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