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Sunday, April 5

Dreams: Part 4 – Change Agent

Hammer was just about to drop Archive off at his apartment when his cistron and Caprice's beeped at the same time. It was an urgent message from Sprague.

Archive had the door partially open when Hammer slammed on the gas, hurling him back into the car and slamming the door shut.

"What the—I thought you were dropping me off!"

"Not anymore," said Hammer.

"It's Guppy," said Caprice, reading off the cistron. “His apartment exploded."

"Was Guppy hurt?" asked Archive.

Caprice shook his head. "There was a body, but it wasn't Guppy's. The STREETSWEEPER team got there too late. It was Rachel Hayward, Guppy's ex-girlfriend. Forensics determined Hayward was dead for weeks."

"Where's Guppy now?"

"Guppy's last access on BLACKNET was to look up John Grant, who went to the same elementary school as Guppy. Sprague thinks he's going to attack Grant where he works, at Puchsky Real Estate in the Uptin Arms Hotel."

The cistrons beeped again.

"Now what?" asked Archive.

Caprice sighed. "And there's the alert to all the OTHER agents to catch Guppy."

"Great," snarled Hammer, dodging in and out of traffic. "If Warner's Delta boys get to him first…" [MORE]


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