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Monday, April 6

Dreams: Part 5 – Mental Estate

"I need to speak to you privately," said Guppy, taking a seat across from Grant.

Grant nodded towards his bodyguards. "Fix yourselves drinks, boys." He turned back to Guppy. "I don't know what you're into, Hanky. But you're in way over your head. I haven't seen you since elementary school, and now I see you twice in one week. The guy you were hanging out with, he's bad people. Did he owe you money too?"

Guppy didn't know what the hell Grant was talking about. "No, forget that. I think you're in grave danger. There are these…aliens. They have taken over the world…"

Grant leaned back and laughed. "Oh man, Hanky. You look like something the cat threw up. Are you high? You need money for drugs, is that what this is about?"

"You're not LISTENING," said Guppy urgently. "I think that you're caught up in some sort of invasion—"

Grant sighed and took a pistol out from behind his back. He placed it on the table. "Hanky, look. People come in here to either give me money or ask for money. You're doing neither, so at this point you're starting to look like some crazy junkie wasting my time. And nobody wastes my time." [MORE]


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