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Tuesday, April 7

Dreams: Part 6 – Government Lobby

Jim-Bean put the phone down. "That should get them away from the door."

Hammer zip-tied Lillian's wrists. "Stay here."

Caprice looked out the window and swore. "That reporter's coming back here with a camera."

"I thought you shorted out their cameras!" Hammer shouted at Archive over his cell phone.

"Just their transmitting equipment." Archive was walking quickly to intercept her. "I'll take care of this."

"You, sir!" shouted Nina. The camera crew turned to focus on Archive. "Are you affiliated with this—"

He held up one hand, palm open. There was a symbol scrawled on it.

Nina turned and fled, stumbling in her high heels. The cameraman dropped his camera. The boom mic operator just dropped the boom. He struggled for a second as it unplugged from its power source on his backpack, and then he too fled. Archive kneeled down and ejected the tape from the camera. [MORE]


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