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Wednesday, April 1

Dreams: Prologue

Guppy sat next to a frumpy woman. They chatted. Guppy turned to look at his food, took a bite. He turned back and saw…

…a bald man next to him, talking. Guppy took another bite, turned back and it was...
…a businessman next to him. Guppy took another bite, turned back, and it was...
…a business woman next to him.

Guppy’s eyes snapped open.

Turgid silence. Guppy turned to the window.

He saw a glowing light next to the airplane and for a second he could see a grey, bulbous head staring at him through the window. There was a bright light and a feeling of intense heat … [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:34 AM

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