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Saturday, April 25

Secret of Semar: Part 1 – The First Secret of Semar

The usual tingling, slightly euphoric feeling of passing through one gate and exiting through another thousands of miles away was missing. In its place was pain like Kham had never experienced before. Hundreds of red-hot needles pierced his body for what seemed like an eternity until, as suddenly as it began, it was over. He lay face down, nauseated, on a pitted rocky floor.

Ilmarė, pale and unconscious, lay on the floor beside him. Beldin, Vlad, and Sebastian stumbled in a second later.

Sebastian dropped to the ground and retched.

“Are you okay?” asked Beldin. The dwarf seemed hardly affected.

“I…don’t feel…right…” said Sebastian.

The stench of burning flesh and the moaning of the wounded filled the air.

“Ahh!” shouted Kham. “Cut that out!”

A small group of dark-skinned children poked Kham with short spears. They stared at the strange quartet in wild-eyed fear and were dressed solely in thick leather sandals. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:44 PM

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