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Tuesday, April 28

Secret of Semar: Part 3a – The Hunters Return

Before they could do much more than assess each other, a small man with a long wiry beard pushed his way through the crowd. He was dark-skinned, like the others, and wore only a white linen skirt. He looked at Sebastian in surprise and spoke in a rapid-fire language they did not understand.

After a moment the old man took out a small rattle and intoned in a guttural language.

“He’s casting a spell.” Sebastian kept his arms crossed, although his wings flexed in agitation.

Vlad’s hand went to his sword.

“It’s fine,” said Sebastian. “Everyone stay calm.”

“My name is Atum,” said the old man, “and hopefully you can understand me now.”

Sebastian nodded. “I can. I am called Sebastian Arnyal. This is Vlad Martell, Beldin Soulforge, and Kham val’Abebi. Our unconscious friend is Ilmarė Galen.”

Atum’s brow knitted with concern. “Did you come from the stone ring?” One long, crooked finger pointed at an arching stone structure where they had appeared.

“Yes. We are in pursuit of lizard people who came through here.”

Atum nodded. “Ah yes. There was a snake man who was a powerful sorcerer. He caused the huts to erupt into flames with just a wave of his hand.”

“Ffashethh,” growled Kham. “Damn it.” [MORE]


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