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Wednesday, April 29

Secret of Semar: Part 3b – The Hunters Return

Kham drank from a gourd. It wasn’t Savonan Red, but it would do.

Atum chanted in front of a small fire. Shadows danced across his features. He had been chanting all night, slowly crafting a strange doll-like object made of wood. Between each chant he would insert a metal bit into it.

“I know of you.” Atum addressed Kham without looking up from his task. “You are of the Abebi tribe. The Orisha tell me that your people left Nyambe-Tanda after the Leaving Time.”

Kham blinked. “Are you saying my ancestors came from this land?”

“Yes. The orisha tell me the Abebi tribe tried to take the knowledge of the Kosan to rule over the rest of Nyambe-Tanda. Of all the humans on Nyambe-Tanda, only your tribe bent nature and the gifts of the Overpower to your will, rather than living in harmony with the land.”

Kham took another swig. “That sounds about right.” [MORE]


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