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Friday, April 17

Serpentine Path: Part 10a – Run for It!

A grim-faced squad of Patrolmen met them just in front of an advancing group of Ssethregorans,

“Holden?” asked Vlad in disbelief. “You’re stationed here?”

Holden Ash’ur, the Milandisian who had loyally fought at their side at the Gate of Tears, nodded grimly. He took Vlad’s arm in greeting.

“We will buy you as much time as we can.” He handed Vlad his empty flintlock rifle.

“You’ve come a long way from being a clerk,” said Kham.

Holden shook his head. “I’m still a clerk.” His silence indicated the hopelessness of the situation. Even the clerks were fighting.

“But Holden, you can’t…” Vlad trailed off. He could see a bitter determination and a quiet acceptance in Holden’s eyes.

“We will not die easily,” Holden said grimly. They would not survive the day and they knew it.

Holden drew his sword. The other Shining Patrolmen did likewise. Although they were dirty and bloody, they formed up into a line with perfect precision.

He looked them over with a slight smile playing at the corner of his mouth. Then, with tears in his eyes, Holden faced the Ssethregoran horde. “CHARGE!”

Holden led two hundred mounted Shining Patrolmen through the gates of Semar across the courtyard. Behind them, the people of Semar watched from the battlements.

Ilmarė lifted her arms and closed her eyes.

“What are you doing?” asked Sebastian in confusion.

“Singing for the dead.” [MORE]


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