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Saturday, April 18

Serpentine Path: Part 10b – Run for It!

Beldin and Vlad slammed into the first wave of barbed tail ss’ressen. The lizards were hissing and spitting, fighting with terrible ferocity.

Vlad smashed into one with his shield and stabbed upwards, but his estimation of lizard anatomy was off. The ss’ressen batted aside Vlad’s shield with its club.

Vlad grunted and whirled, only to see Beldin hack the legs out from one of the advancing ss’ressen.

Kham became a whirlwind of slices and cuts. He ducked low and high, slashing with his saber and plunging his dagger into a nearby ss’ressen, who staggered backwards.

The ss’ressen swung its tail at Vlad. He blocked the blow with his shield and with a mighty hack, chopped the lizard’s tail clean off. As it shrieked in agony, he plunged Grungronazharr through its throat.

Kham dove and rolled, sheathing his blades as he did so. When the val came up, he was directly beneath a surprised ss’ressen. It faced down two pistols…

Ilmarė fired arrow after arrow. Two pierced the eye sockets of a ss’ressen, but it clawed in blind rage towards her.

Beldin swung Windcutter in a wide arc before him, knocking two ss’ressen backwards. Another ss’rsessen to his left exploded up into the air as Kham’s pistols discharged into its chest at point blank range. It fell backwards into its companions in a bloody spray.

“There’s too many!” shouted Ilmarė. [MORE]


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