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Monday, April 20

Serpentine Path: Part 11b – The Final Stand

Large green scales covered the massive muscles that propelled the huge creature of legend in an impossibly graceful flight. Reveling in the panic caused by its mere presence, the scaled horror landed its massive bulk just in front of the citadel’s mighty metal gates. The cobblestones beneath the creature burst into dust from the impact of its thunderous landing.

“To the gates! Man the gates!” Muatma was mounted on his Altherian war steed.

Muatma charged his way to the gate. He led several hundred Shining Patrolmen down through the streets. Vlad and Beldin followed behind on their own steeds. Ilmarė and Sebastian followed on foot.

With one massive wing, the dragon swept dozens of cannon and men from the right wall near the gate. A casual flick of its tail decimated an entire squad of Patrolmen foolish enough to attack it.

Then the creature began to draw in a massive breath of air. Its sides expanded even larger than before.

“It’s going to breathe…” whispered Sebastian. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:28 AM

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