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Wednesday, April 22

Serpentine Path: Part 11d – The Final Stand

A large blue Agamis swung its halberd at Kham. He ducked, and the monster struck a fellow ss’ressen, then another. Ilmarė fired two arrows into the blue ss’ressen, causing it to reel back with a cry.

Sebastian pointed at another ss’ressen and a magical bolt ripped through its skull.

An Agamis swung its whip in circles above its head. It swung at Ilmarė and she dodged it.

Rubbery dun-colored tentacles sprung up out of the ground between the ss’ressen and the citadel, leaving a slim path for the ss’ressen to pass through.

“Herd them towards the center!” shouted Sebastian. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:32 AM

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