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Wednesday, April 1

Serpentine Path: Part 2 – The Crazy Old Fool

A very old man leaned heavily on a gnarled walking stick as he made his way down the road.

“This is the path, yes, the serpentine path…creatures of light and creatures of night, either may lead you to sorrow. For they wind together down a serpentine path, and the rest of Onara will follow!”

He broke into hysterical laughter and a coughing fit.

“He’s blind,” said Vlad.

Noticing Vlad, the old man became agitated. He began another conversation with himself. “Eh? You? Do I know you? No, it can’t be. I saw you in Semar. Or, will I see you in Semar? How can you see if you are blind? Ah, the light of Illiir illuminates all. But is that now or later? Hmmm. Strange…are you late, or early? Shouldn’t you already be in Semar? I’m hungry! What’s for supper?”

Vlad and Dril exchanged glances.

“Heed his words,” said Beldin softly. “I feel a kinship with this creature. It only wears the cloak of a man.”

“Great,” said Kham. “So I guess we better feed him then.” [MORE]


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