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Thursday, April 2

Serpentine Path: Part 3a – So, We Meet Again…

The path had risen for the hundredth time to go up over a mountain pass, between two weather-beaten hills. Rocky outcroppings jutted from nearly everywhere. Vegetation was sparse.

Sebastian stood bolt upright. “Something’s wrong.” His wings spread out behind him, wand at the ready.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there before you know—“ was all Dril got out before his wagon erupted in a violent explosion of fire and debris.

The Altherian mounts were steadfast, but the wagon team neighed in terror as the wagon flew high in the air. With a mournful groan, the wagon split in mid-air and began a slow, scattered return. Flaming remnants of the wagon and its contents came spilling down all around like a grisly hailstorm from the abyss.

Sebastian landed, propelled upwards by the blast. There was no trace of Dril, only the tinkling of wood and metal all around him. “Ambush!” he shouted. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:27 AM

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