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Friday, April 3

Serpentine Path: Part 3b – So, We Meet Again…

Muscle rippling, his dual crests fanning behind Calactyte’s head, the ss’ressen seemed to grow in stature, teeth bared. All the ss’ressen on the battlefield turned to face him, even those in mid-combat.

“The frenzy has taken them!” shouted Ilmarė. “Get out of their way!” She twirled aside as one of the barbed tail ss’ressen barreled past her towards Cal.

“What?” shouted Vlad. “No way!” He held his ground as another barbed tail ss’ressen approached. Its claws scrabbled against Vlad’s shield. “Ha!” He lifted his blade for an easy blow. “My turn—“

There was a blinding flash as the ss’ressen heavy tail struck him sideways. Stunned, Vlad stumbled. The ss’ressen jumped past him towards Cal.

“Protect Cal!” shouted Beldin. “They’re after him!” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:18 AM

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