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Saturday, April 4

Serpentine Path: Part 3c – So, We Meet Again…

“Venomous scale ss’ressen!” shouted Calactyte. He charged forward, Vlad and Beldin flanking him. “Keep your shields up!”

They didn’t have to ask why. Seconds later, streams of acid spiraled through the air, splashing against both their shields. Calactyte was struck by a gout of acid, but if it hurt he didn’t show it.

Then they were upon them, three on three, claw against blade. Sebastian pointed at the ssanu, and magical bolts of blue and black energy were exchanged.

“I’ve had just about enough of this,” muttered Kham. He took aim and fired both pistols. The ssanu fell to the ground, its corpse smoking from the impact.

The remaining ss’ressen started, as if slapped. Calactyte took the opportunity to tear one of them apart, hacking and even biting his opponent’s throat. Vlad and Beldin made short work of the other two ss’ressen.

They scoured the camp, looking for any sign of Dril.

“We found only this.” Beldin offered up a twisted piece of metal, bent in half. It was Dril’s rifle.

Vlad took it reverently. “He would want it to be buried at his grave.” [MORE]


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