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Sunday, April 5

Serpentine Path: Part 4a – Do I Know You?

As the sun reached its peak and began to descend in the western sky, the journey continued to take them higher and higher into the mountain peaks. Just when it seemed as if they might actually reach the sun, Klos Ka’Ra came into view.

Klos ka’Ra was no simple mountain outpost. Massive columns of stone supported thirty-foot thick stone walls that extended from an inner keep. The inner keep was carved into the mountain itself, providing natural protection from all sides save the one covered by the huge wall. Dozens of cannons bristled on the wall and hundreds of well-armed Altherian patrolmen marched to and fro along the battlements.

“Interesting construction,” admired Beldin.

Sebastian tilted his head at Beldin. “How so?”

“From the looks of it, twelve stone archways have been recently added to the wall’s interior structure, but they don’t lead anywhere. The decorative artwork seems out of place.”

Several other caravans were also making their way into the hidden fortress from different directions. As the sun dropped below the mountain line directly behind Klos Ka’Ra, it created a warm halo of light around the fortress.

“Don’t try to understand Altherian architecture,” said Kham. “Just enjoy it.” [MORE]


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