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Monday, April 6

Serpentine Path: Part 4b – Do I Know You?

Kham and Ilmarė spent the remainder of the night as Attalus’ guest in the Shining Patrol’s officer’s quarters. Kham and Ilmarė were served a hot gourmet meal and a stout drink.

“Please, eat, drink. It must have been a long journey.”

“It was,” Kham said between mouthfuls. “The caravan was ambushed, but we recovered what we could.”

Attalus nodded. “And I am thankful for that. It seems you are always saving my hide, one way or another.” He grinned a white-toothed smile. It quickly vanished. “I did not see the dispatch pouch amongst the inventory.”

Kham took a swig from a goblet. “Destroyed, sorry.” [MORE]


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