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Tuesday, April 7

Serpentine Path: Part 4c – Do I Know You?

Bijoux, Vlad, Beldin, Sebastian, and Calactyte spent the remainder of the night alone under heavy guard in the Shining Patrol’s stables. They had a well-watched and somewhat restful evening, but they weren’t allowed to leave the stables except to visit the privy. Even those trips were under heavy guard.

“This sucks,” said Vlad.

“Why are they treating us like this?” Bijoux asked morosely.

“Because of who we are and where we come from,” said Beldin.

Calactyte snorted. “And because of me.”

There was a knock at stable door. A guard handed them a tray of stale bread and moldy cheese.

“Anywhere we can clean up?” asked Bijoux.

The guard pointed to a water trough. “You’re a cat, right? Clean yourself.” [MORE]


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