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Wednesday, April 8

Serpentine Path: Part 4d – Do I Know You?

The next morning, they all gathered at a gravesite for soldiers. Dril’s surviving Altherian steeds drew the black carriage, containing only his rifle.

“Present ARMS!” shouted Attalus.

The casket was removed from the carriage. Attalus and Kham saluted.

An Altherian priest led the way to the gravesite, followed by Sebastian, Calactyte, Vlad, and Beldin holding the casket.
They set down the casket and secured the Altherian flag, a white owl on a blue background.

Attalus ensured the flag was stretched out and level, and centered it over the casket. He backed away and the priest performed the service.

“Praise be to Althares, Lord of the Universe,
the Mercygiving, the Merciful!
Ruler on the Day for Repayment!
You do we worship and You do we call on for help.
Guide us along the Straight Road,
the road of those whom You have favored,
with whom You are not angry,
nor who are lost!”

The priest said, “assalamu alaikum.”

“Assalamu alaikum,” whispered Kham.

The priest backed away and Attalus stepped up to the casket. He turned to address the cannoneers along Klos Ka’Ra’s walls.

“Fire!” [MORE]


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