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Friday, April 10

Serpentine Path: Part 5b – Arrival in Semar

The note Kham received when he was at Klos Ka’Ra indicated that Quablo val’Inares, a politician in Semar, wanted to meet with him for a matter of “unquestionable discretion.”

Finding the council building was a relatively easy task. The building was built to be a very small-scale replica of the meeting chamber for the Council of Wisdom in Althre’. Traveling thorough the first two walls of the city was easy: A cursory glance from some sharpshooters manning the walls and a couple of simple questions asked at the gates. But the third wall was entirely different.

The guard at the gate put one hand in front of Kham’s face. “Halt. Papers please.”

“Oh yeah.” Kham took out the document and showed it to the guard. As he did so, his overcoat revealed the pistol bandolier across his chest.

“Do you have proper authorization to carry those?”

Kham lowered his green-tinted lenses, revealing his pupiless eyes. “Take a look.” [MORE]


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