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Saturday, April 11

Serpentine Path: Part 6a – The Shining Shield Inn

The Shining Shield Inn was the finest in Semar. Constructed of a shiny golden-hued stone, it literally shined in the sunlight. The crystal shield hanging from the signpost at the front of the inn was positioned to catch one of the light rays emitted from the Tower of Althares at night. When the light struck the shield, it glowed with a brilliance of its own.

Sebastian walked over to the bar. “I hear you have a special stew?”

The bartender looked at him curiously. “You should sit and enjoy the show, my friend. I’m sure we can dig something up for you.”

On stage, a beautiful veiled woman belly-danced, her hips snapping at high speed. She leaned forward and gestured toward Sebastian.

Sebastian shifted in his seat. The woman stepped off the stage and took off one of her veils, roping it around the dark-kin’s neck. She leaned close, so close that Sebastian could feel her breath on his ear.

“Go to the privy. Now.” [MORE]


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