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Wednesday, April 15

Serpentine Path: Part 9a – This Might Sting a Bit!

The sun had just risen and the companions had gathered for an early morning meal at the Shining Shield Inn. The food was, as always, delicious. The Tower of Althares’ Light still sent out tendrils of illumination in the early morning fog. The city was just beginning to awaken. Several merchants began moving wagons about the city.

“Well, the place is a little livelier today,” said Beldin.

There were more patrons, presumably not Shining Patrolmen in disguise.

“That’s strange,” said Ilmarė.

“What?” asked Sebastian.

“A merchant just parked his wagon at the base of one of the warning towers, near the stables.”

“He’s probably bringing a resupply of blast powder,” said Vlad.

Ilmarė stood up suddenly as the merchant lit a tindertwig, tossed into the wagon, and ran in the other direction.


A huge ball of fire engulfed the tower and sent a destructive shockwave in all directions. A patrolman that was passing by disintegrated into a crimson mist. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:34 AM

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