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Saturday, May 2

Angular Gods: Conclusion

Hammer, Guppy, Archive, and Howell appeared through the gate. Jim-Bean was leading a team of government employees clearing a path through the wires. When the gate collapsed behind them, fires broke out, but Jim-Bean, fire extinguisher in hand, had it well under control.

The agents, covered in smoke, bruised and battered, sat down on the steps leading to the government building.

“What was that, exactly?” asked Hammer.

“Oh that?” said Guppy sheepishly. “That was just a combat form I coded to—“

“That’s Calactyte, the form Guppy used as his avatar on my game,” said Howell. She had a black smudge across her nose and she had long since lost her glasses. “I’m going to miss that game.”

“You look exhausted,” said Guppy, changing the subject. “Are you okay?”

Archive nodded. “The portals are powered by psychic energy. That’s what was affected Jim-Bean the first time we encountered the Hound, and it’s why the portal closed right after Lisa left it. She was powering it.”

“Yeah,” said Jim-Bean. “That’s a perfect explanation for why I didn’t go in with you guys.”

Guppy frowned at Jim-Bean. [MORE]


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