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Tuesday, May 19

Chaugnar Faugn: Conclusion

Sebastian awoke with a start. At first light, a sobbing echoed across the stony confines of the valley. It seemed to be human and it persisted.

“Where's it coming from?” asked Vlad.

“That passage,” pointed Beldin into one of the spiraling paths into darkness.

There were bleating moans. It sounded familiar.

“DRIL?” Vlad jogged down the tunnel. “Dril where are you? Tell me where you are!”

Dril’s voice cried out louder in pain.

Kham tried to stop Vlad but he was already past him. “Althares! That’s not Dril!”

Vlad paused. The crying came from another tunnel.

“Dril?” Vlad turned back to Beldin. “Is it over here?”

“No it's over here,” said Beldin.

“DRIL!” shouted Vlad at the top of his lungs. He looked around desperately. “Well, don’t just stand there! Look for him!”

Kham shook his head. “His body was in Semar.”

“We didn’t find a body!” Vlad’s voice cracked. “We’ve seen stranger things! Maybe the Unspeakable One took him!” He turned back to the tunnels. “Tell me where you are Dril!” [MORE]


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