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Saturday, May 16

Chaugnar Faugn: Part 4a – Toward Drakmar

They spent the remaining five hours of daylight climbing the valley, traveling east away from the river and further into the mountains. The walking was arduous in the thin air and the howling wind, and conversation was difficult. As it got dark they were forced to camp in the open.

Fortunately, they had picked up supplies from the monastery. They were woefully unequipped for the cold weather after being boiled by the stifling heat of Nyambe.

Vlad peeked his head out of their tent. Kham was already up, staring out at the landscape.

“It’s like we’re the only people left on Arcanis,” he said to Vlad without looking at him.

There was no mark of man, although the eye could see for many, many miles from the top of the ridge. There was frost on the rocks, ice in the crevasses.

As they struggle upward the valley became steeper, its sides rising up a hundred feet or more. They walked on and on, monotonous hours in the shriek of the wind. Snow stung their faces. Only Beldin showed no signs of discomfort.

Then, at midday…something. [MORE]


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