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Sunday, May 17

Chaugnar Faugn: Part 4b – Toward Drakmar

The caves were quiet. The lowest were just forty feet or so up, the highest three times that.

“I count sixty-seven openings,” said Beldin.

There were paths, stairs, and handholds and footholds that appeared fashioned by hand or by use. Nothing distinguished one cave from another.

They clambered carefully up to one cave. Inside, there was a roughly circular tunnel about five feet in diameter leading back into the cliff. The floor of the tunnel was as smooth as glass, as though many, many feet had passed through. The walls and even the ceiling were smooth, too, perhaps from the trailing of thousands of p[alms and fingers. It was dark inside.

Beldin was ahead of them. “There’s all sorts of things in here.”

The tunnel traveled on for between twenty and thirty feet before opening into a small, round chamber twenty feet across and ten feet high. The wall of the chamber was rough.

“What kind of things?” asked Vlad.

“Tiny marks.”

“What?” Vlad entered the room along with the others.

“They're all over.” Beldin pointed to the walls. “Look around you!” [MORE]


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