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Friday, May 29

Darkmar: Part 3 – The Upper House

Time passed. The landscape was unaltered. The star was slowly dipping—it touched the horizon. Although solitary shantaks were sighted twice more, they were far off and there were no other alarms.

Something was interposed between them and Aldebaran, blotting out a portion of the star. A construction of a fair size was ahead, surrounded by monoliths.

The building was large and slab-sided, built of stone. It was two hundred and fifty feet on a side with fifty-foot high walls sloping slightly inward and stained a dull orange. There was no door immediately visible and no windows anywhere.

Vlad looked up at the monoliths. “These look familiar.”

The monoliths about it stood twenty feet tall and were smoothly-tooled, four-sided, tapering from a base four feet square to a flat top two feet on a side.

“It’s strange that even though there’s nine of them, they’re regularly spaced around the structure in a circle, not in the shape of a V,” observed Beldin.

“That’s because they’re not trying to summon the Unspeakable One,” said Kham. “He’s already here.” [MORE]


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