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Thursday, May 28

Drakmar: Part 2 – Shantanks

From out of nowhere, a shantak decapitated a tcho-tcho with its maw.

The tcho-tcho priests screamed orders, creating a protective circle around them. There was not one but two shantaks, lazily circling overhead, looking for a weakness in their defenses.

Sebastian turned to face Livius. “You really think you’re blameless? Perhaps I should list the friends who are dead because of the cult you created!” He stalked forward, eyes brimming with rage. “It’s because of YOU that Holden Ash’ur and Calactyte died defending Semar from an attack of Ssethregoran cultists. It’s because of YOU that Nauris Dril was blown to bits by those same cultists. It’s because of YOU that Kham’s father, Corinalous, was murdered by Michael Coombs’ blast powder bomb! It’s because of YOU that we had to kill Ilmarė Galen’s sister Anulee!”

The tcho-tchos turned to separate the two, but a dive by the shantak distracted them, tossing warriors high into the air in a spray of blood.

Livius put up his hands, tears in his eyes. “I never meant for them to be harmed. Those who follow Hastur sometimes lose their way, like any religion. I am sorry for their loss. You have to believe that.”

Sebastian wasn’t finished. “You started a plague that still ravages Onara to this day. You started a war that may end in the destruction of everything and everyone we hold dear. You’re sorry?” He lifted one hand. A sphere of white light appeared in it. “I’m sorry too.”

“No,” began Livius, “wait—“ [MORE]


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