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Saturday, May 9

Secret of Semar: Conclusion

“Your friend is remarkable,” said Atum. It had taken all of their healing potions to restore the crushed and battered body of Beldin to life before dawn. “The orisha within him is very strong. He will be reborn at daylight, as you said he would.”

Around the Hutili’s fire, Sebastian also slept. The struggle to keep them alive and his newfound flight had taken much out of him.

“That’s great, Atum. Any news on Ilmarė?” asked Kham.

“I will check on her.” Atum tottered off.

Kham and Vlad passed a gourd filled with a Nyambean concoction back and forth in front of the fire.

“Do you think he really was Emric?”

Kham sighed and took a swig. “I think that he thought he was. Who’s to say that he didn’t wake up to see Ffashethh standing over him and thought it was Yig?” He handed the gourd to Vlad.

Vlad nodded and slurped from the gourd. “Still, it didn’t work the way Ffashethh wanted it. Emric had free will.” He handed it back to Kham.

Kham gulped some more down. “The curse of being human.” He winked at Vlad. [MORE]


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