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Saturday, May 2

Secret of Semar: Part 5 – A Feast Unknown

Marching in the sweltering heat for most of the day, they finally reached the end of the mountain range and moved into the grassland proper. At the end of the first day of tracking, Sebastian came across a scene illustrating the inherent dangers of Nyambe.

The dark-kin landed with a flap of his mighty wings. “There’s a pair of reptilian bodies laying in the empty expanse of the savannah.”

Kham walked over to the corpses.

“No, wait…” warned Mashudu.

“Ow!” Kham slapped at his neck. “Something bit me!”

Kham fell over, face first.

The shrill whistle of a projectile flying at high speed caused Sebastian to slap his own neck.

“What…?” Sebastian staggered to the ground.

“Tcho-tcho poison!” shouted Mashudu. “Beware!” [MORE]


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