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Sunday, May 3

Secret of Semar: Part 6 – The Enemy of My Enemy

“So you’re trying to tell me that YOU’RE Emric?”

Emric nodded.

“We’re not talking about the human Emric.” Kham described Emric’s original stature with his hands. “We’re talking about the little squeaky Emric that I rescued from the Temple of Yig awhile back. About this high?”

“That’s me.”

“The same Emric who was turned into a giant avatar of Yig and fought the King in Yellow to a standstill?”


“Didn’t you die in the collapse of the cavern?”

Emric tilted his head. “It was a death of sorts, yes. Yig gave me one last chance to be reborn again, not as a tool of Her will but as my own person. I chose to combine the traits of both of my parents.” There was a hint of a smile on his lips.

Kham looked closer at Emric. Emric’s irises were clear. His pupils were shaped more like a slit than a dot. “About that…Calactyte’s dead.”

Emric’s shoulders sagged. “Somehow, I knew that. I am sure that Mother died valiantly.”

“She…I mean he did.” Kham shook it off. “This is too weird for me.” He walked away into the grasses to confer with Mashudu. [MORE]


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