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Monday, May 4

Secret of Semar: Part 7 – Prey

Days had passed since their journey began. Wildlife and flora unseen and undreamed of stalked the grasslands. Beasts of normal and huge proportions made the crossing hazardous and nerve-wracking.

Finally, they reached the edge of the Bida Rainforest. A green wall of foliage heralded the beginning of the end of the trek.

The going was even more arduous than the crossing of the grasslands, as if the very jungle conspired to slow passage. Feet snagged on stumbled over every root, vine and limb. Insects of varying sizes harried like miniature crows pecking on rotting carriages.

Emric put a finger to his lips and then cupped one ear.

They heard the guttural sounds of someone speaking in Ssethren, the ancient language of the Ssethregoran Empire.

Emric pointed. The Ssethregorans were standing in a clearing. The entirety of the clearing was made up of a large rocky mound, looking much like a huge burial cairn.

In the center was Ffashethh. A huge Agamis clutch ss’ressen lowered him into a recently excavated opening by rope. The rest of the Ssethregorans were arranged in a circle around the opening, more intent on what was happening below than their own surroundings.

An explosion ripped through the air, blasting through the remaining Ssethregorans.

Beldin looked up as a bat-winged shadow crossed where he stood. “I guess Sebastian wasn’t interested in waiting.” [MORE]


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